Our Vision
The Vision of ELE Rwanda is to ensure that the development of Rwanda is based and sustained by the efforts and talents of Rwandans. With a predominantly young population, youth involvement in developmental efforts is imperative to create social, political and economic stability for Rwanda.  Thus, ELE Rwanda provides the youth with the opportunities that will enable them to discover their skills and talents and use them to find homemade solutions to their challenges. Rwanda's continued development is contingent on our youth and their abilities to innovate and create home grown solutions for many of our problems. ELE will ensure those solutions are aided by networking and increased investment in youth initiatives and business ventures. 
Our Mission

The mission of ELE Rwanda is to inspire, motivate and empower the youth to be active participants in the economy and development of Rwanda. Our generation needs more job creators than job seekers, thus it is our responsibility to build the capacity of young Rwandans and inspire them on the path of entrepreneurial innovation.